what we do

RC Industrial Inc. specializes in Machine-Maintenance and Metal Fabrication services. In addition to our services we are excited about our new RC Industrial Lubricant product line!

Our machine-maintenance includes Equipment Installation or Relocation and our metal fabrication service includes Metal Cutting and Welding at our local shop.

RCI is located at 255 5th Ave West in Milan Illinois, a part of the greater Quad Cities Area, right next to where the Mississippi River Bend meets the Rock River. RCI is a small, family owned business that has grown over the past decade and anticipates continual growth in the future, because we are consistently working on improving our customers experience.

RC Industrial Inc. is a licensed Illinois business and fully insured. We are equipped to work onsite, indoor, outdoor and at our local fabrication shop. Our Team of certified welders provide a professional experience for all of our customers.

One unique service that we offer our customers is a Preventative Machine-Maintenance Program. We will assist in determining a proper PM schedule, complete the work, and track the results so that there is one less thing for your to worry about.

Another great option that we have available to our RC Industrial Lubricant customers is Oil Analysis Testing. This will determine if the correct product is being used on your machinery and provide insight on the frequencies that should be implemented in your preventative machine-maintenance program.

Preventative maintenance and proper lubrication management will keep your machinery in optimal condition, result in minimal breakdowns,  and maximize your production!

Here at RCI we have all of the necessary products and services to achieve that goal.

We charge our customers a competitive rate, offer loyal customer discounts, and have an after hour’s emergency service available to our machine-maintenance customers 24/7.

Our service hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am–4:00pm cst.

Make the ‘Right Choice’ and contact RC Industrial Inc. today!



why we’re here

At RC Industrial Inc. we know the most important part of our business is our customer. We are consistently working on improving our customers experience. We appreciate doing business in any capacity for our customers, with the goal of establishing long-term relationships that result in repeat business.

RCI has completed Machine-Maintenance, Metal Fabrication, and/or Equipment installation services for several customers in the Quad Cities Area, nationally, and abroad, including but not limited to:

ALJU Talleres, Arstone Monuments, Augustana College, Bellota Agrisolutions & Tools USA., Brandt Construction, Brevenghat Co.Caster Verts, Dove Equipment, E.S.C.P. Corp., Fol-Da-Tank, Glual Hydraulics, Gray Machine, Joe’s Bargain Barn, KVF Corp., Lynco Distribution, MASA USA, McLaughlin Motors, Midwest Concrete Products, Plant Equipment, Summit Electric, Q.C. Coating, R & D, Save-a-lot and Super Mario Lawn Care, Unilock Co.

RCI has completed several jobs in the Chicago, IL. area and throughout the United States inclluding Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, assembling and installing equipment and industrial machinery such as large conveyor systems, elevators and lowerators. We have established job sites internationally, spending over a year in Canada, installing industrial equipment and machinery such as large conveyor systems, elevators and lowerators. And we even had the opportunity to spend over a year in the Caribbean island of Curacao as a sub-contractor, erecting steel building frame and installing industrial equipment and machinery including  conveyor systems, elevators, lowerators and large industrial Silo Mixers.

RC Industrial Inc. would appreciate the opportunity to provide you or your business with any of our available products and services. Please make the ‘Right Choice’ and contact RC Industrial Inc. today!